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My name is Dancan Karanja. I am a first year student in Moi University.I am pursuing a degree in journalism and communication.

The main purpose as to why I have started this blog is to improve my writing skills at early age. Support my writings in different fields. Thanks in advance.


Question Health

The world’s dynamic state once again has called for improvement in health sources and fraternity. This is a yearn so that there can be a change in terms of proper health. It is skeptical that for real the world must then improve again so that misunderstood deaths and higher mortality rate to infants is paralyzed with better options and views to reduce increase in diseases that has undermined growth of our population hence its very true that it must be shifted in state for betterment of life for the whole people. In addition to that every gentle person gets imitated by facts of diseases preying on them. We should actually understand the real measures, controls and ways of preventing deaths and diseases.

Firstly, the world researchers should intensify research to ensure they get proper medical drugs that can work out and treat obvious diseases. Then such a research is properly invented and intensified; people tend to basically reduce contracting diseases and succumbing to such instances. Seriously, life is precious that every individual struggles to lead it well and long. It’s through lack of proper research that even our people lose their lives. The world’s long term research has not been improved hence common diseases kill our people with no proper shield.

Secondly, people should ensure they control obvious diseases that they contract for not being keen and appreciating hygiene. For real hygiene is a very sensitive thing that must be appreciated and taken into consideration to ensure our lives are improved. However, the people are adamant to consider proper hygiene and health thus has led to deaths that could be controlled. On the other hand, people should take into consideration facts so that they ensure they improve their lives and other people’s lives by simply understanding the importance of hygiene. Otherwise for improvement in health the world must understand hygiene’s importance.to add to that the media should reach people up to the grass root to administer skills and talks  on how health fraternity can be reborn. Indeed by observing this, media will be able to improve hygiene, enhance people’s ways of shunning diseases. The media will equally give basic skills on how people can acquire medication at times when they feel sick. The disease causing organisms live within us hence to ensure the diseases are eradicated our sensitivity to what life is should motivate us to work hard to ensure we grow the basic skills and contents of how we can prevent deaths and diseases.

In addition to that, governments should improve medical facilities across the world to ensure growth and life is maintained. Governments should ensure that growth of these facilities provides better skills of eliminating and paralyzing diseases. The governments should ensure that health is improved ever so that unnecessary loss of lives amongst our people is reduced. It should ensure that people gain good health and they work appropriately to avoid controllable diseases from killing our people. Otherwise every individual should respect life thus maintain this God given gift by ensuring their surrounding is saluted by good health and proper hygiene.

The developed nations have actually merchandised the health sector in developing and undeveloped nation thus thumbs up. Past that the countries developing and undeveloped should equally struggle to improve the health sectors with no compromise. The world is keenly watching if such countries can improve health sectors. In deed it’s a responsibility of government to ensure its people get proper health and good medication. These will only be done with leaders positively aligned to maintain their states health wise.

Ultimately universal brotherhood debts us to help one another if possible, thus we should do this to achieve good health. Although greed has barricaded our hearts we should try helping one another to have good health always . this should be supported by governments from different nations to boost health sectors, intensify research always to see on ways of curbing diseases and preventing premature death. Thus we should fully work to achieve proper health to reduce mortality rates.

Shot at 14, Desiigner, at 19 becomes a star.

Are you at your dotage or eld? Lived in this earth for more than two decades!! Ever thought of your own achievements? Living in subways and can’t find a way out? Ever wondered how you can even become a celebrity in your home area or village?? Mmmmmh!! Nice ambitions to say so!! Ever wondered how simple things can transform your entire life?? Oh! I see………….. Know your all time crush or celebrity.
Meet Sidney Royal Selby 111, better known by his stage name, Desiigner. Getting advice from his brother in law, who told him to design his name, and his little sister, who suggested adding the extra i  would be even better. Having seen the sun by his own eyes on May 3rd, 1997 confirms that he is much younger than most girls having a crush on him or boys who like his rapping aptitude. To how many people are you a role model to at your age? You might be heading to your thirties without any achievement. He is only 19 years and he is now renowned by every species of this entire universe. Are you even known past your home village from your achievements?

I now abhor what a friend of mine kept on exhorting me. Come to think of it, the same game that my friend kept on telling me to uninstall from my pc simply because it is for children gave this particular star his starting point. Sounds infeasible! Right? He noticed a white BMW X6 while playing a well-known game Grand Theft Auto {GTA}.He says that the car has grills that make it look like a panda. Are you aware of this raccoon-like of northeast Asia?  Looks crazy! I uninstalled the game and Desiigner just became famous from it. Who knows may be I would capture the same as he did and become Desiigner before he did. Glue  to your own ideas!

This particular debut single release #panda made him rise to prominence. It simply praises this moving machine in GTA that resembles a panda. And who says that he does not now own a real BMW X6 one rather that the virtual one in the screens when playing the game? This is how smart thinking can bring prominence. Dare not to think much. Think big and smart! Commence from your own environment!

He is a hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. He just began practicing at school choir and church. He is brought up by his mother in a ghetto. The area was crime- ridden, better known as Louis Armstrong housing projects in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Do you recognize the area I’m talking about? This resembles our own ghetto areas where all types of crimes are practiced. This even made to him being shot at the age of 14……..he is though vague on this details. This made him embark on his career fully. His first trip to the studio produced the now-scrubbed-from-YouTube Jackie Chan on which he cheerfully raps unprompted. I’m chopping the bricks like I’m Jackie Chan Therefore; let your weakness be your stepping stone towards success. Let where you are born contribute towards your prominence.

However, behind every success there are drawbacks. There must be forces trying to limit someone from hitting the throne of success. It all depends on how you handle the challenges. Desiigner had a burdensome past. He had legal issues. On September 8, 2016, he and four other people were arrested in New York City after a 911 caller claimed that he pulled a gun on them. He was later found in SUV with other people and the vehicle was searched and oxycodone and guns were found in it. They were detained in custody until on 12th the same month when he was released after it was found out that the pills in his car were steroids for his driver.

Desiigner has been a role model to many other artists. Being voted as the best rapper of the year in BET awards, what are very evident is a popular artist like Jay-Z captured admiring this particular rapper as he presents on the stage.

This are his popular songs you don’t want to miss: Tiimmy turner, zombie walk and da day.

Having known more of Desiigner, catch me on the next article and know more about your favorite artist…………………………..